Another dress which is just made for the sweet summer days.
Located in southeast Florida, the Sebring International Raceway was the inspiration for the dress of the same name.
The shape of the track when looking at the aerial map is reflected in the U-shaped neckline, which conjures up an enchanting décolleté and yet doesn’t show too much.
Timeless cuts are Cindy Morawetz's strength. Dresses for an appearance which remains positively in memory- yesterday as today as tomorrow.
The Sebring is truly an all-rounder. The cleverly placed darts in the peplum, the chest area and the waist conjure up an hourglass figure. The slanted short sleeves make the arms look slim and skilfully draw the eye to the merits.
The dress is not only timelessly elegant, but also comfortable to wear.
Perfect Shape is the name of the viscose and elastane fabric, which is not only extremely breathable, but through its special weave also has an unprecedented shaping effect without constricting.
In fact, Carrera Couture dresses are so stretchy that they would comfortably survive a track day.
In addition, all dresses are largely wrinkle-free.
A long drive followed by a business meeting or chic dinner? No problem with Carrera Couture.

Inspired by Porsche.  Designed with love.  Manufactured in Germany.