Laguna Seca, also known as WeatherTech Raceway, is located in the heart of California and is home not only to countless races, but also to a variety of exhibitions and entertainment events.
The dress that bears its name is as unusual as the annual calendar of events at the nearby Monterey racetrack.
Designer Cindy Morawetz has given free rein to her creativity.
11 necklines based on the 11 curves of the track and a peplum, not only conjure up a great figure, but also ensure an unforgettable appearance.
This dress will certainly not let boredom arise
Choose your favorite paint to sample color and shine!

“Perfect Shape “is the name of the viscose and elastane fabric, which is not only extremely breathable, but through its special weave also has an unprecedented shaping effect without constricting.
In fact, Carrera Couture dresses are so stretchy that they would comfortably survive a track day.
In addition, all dresses are largely wrinkle-free. A long flight, followed by a day on the grand stand and a fancy eSave changesvent in the evening?

Get comfortable with Carrera Couture.

Inspired by Porsche.  Designed with love.  Manufactured in Germany.