“A characteristic of great design is one that remains attractive and contemporary, but is also confident enough to not feel the need to reinvent itself with every generation.”
That goes for cars and fashion!

911 - three digits that stand for timeless beauty and the most iconic silhouette in the industry.
But what was so special about the original 911 that its unmistakable beauty continues to enchant generations today?
The unmistakable, curved hatchback shape, the key on the left side, the air-cooled rear engine - a never-ending flat-6 love affair, that has has endured to this day.

It's simply love.
“When you buy a Porsche, it’s not just a car… it’s a dream fulfilled. People have very specific thoughts about what their dream should look like.”
Boris Apenbrink (Director, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles)
Porsche's unique "Paint to Sample" program gives you even more freedom of individual choice.
The color palette includes more than 160 unique shades from the 1950s to today.

Carrera Couture finally brings your color-matching Paint to Sample dress to complete the look.
A selection of timeless pieces available in all PTS colors - stylish, effortlessly gorgeous, a memorable look for any occasion - just like Porsche.

Until today Porsche remains a brand that heavily advocates tradition and so does Carrera Couture.
Cindy Morawetz, the creative head of Carrera Couture, has been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years.
Highlighting the assets of each woman is their self-proclaimed goal.
The German designer creates timeless looks with classic cuts made of high quality fabrics that offer the highest wearing comfort.

Inspired by Porsche.  Designed with love.  Manufactured in Germany.


Carrera Couture - the perfect shape

The secret’s in the details.
The unique viscose and elastane weave ensures that the material is extremely stretchy and therefore incredibly comfortable on the one hand, but provides reliable support and an unique shaping effect on the other. In addition, the material is maximally breathable.
Wearing comfort that is hard to beat.

To ensure that your ‘Carrera Couture’ dresses you just as good as your Porsche does, each piece is handmade with love and will be manufactured especially for you once you placed the order.

Please allow us to ask for your measurements, so we can make sure the dress fits you perfectly and will be a great company for any occasion.
Each Carrera Couture piece is hand stitched in our factory in Hamburg, Germany, a family business that Cindy has been working with for more than 10 years.

Just like Porsche, Carrera Couture is only using the best raw materials, striving for the best possible final product.

When choosing one of our stock PTS colors, please allow us a delivery time of 3 weeks within Europe and 4 weeks for the US or other countries, considering the delays in shipping that are currently a worldwide issue. For any PTS color that is not in our catalogue yet, please allow us a delivery time of 6 weeks, since the fabric will be dyed specifically for you.

Your Carrera Couture is meant to be a special piece in your wardrobe and good things may take time.
One thing is promised: the results make that little extra wait worth it.